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    Serving Nokomis, Bradenton, Osprey, Longboat Key, and Manatee County
    Florida's Foam Walls provides a high-quality foam wall system for residential and commercial use. Our unique foam wall systems were developed as a result of our parent company, Prestige Wall Systems.
    When asked to provide a wall system for a highly reputable Florida General Contractor, we responded with a wall system that is second to none by combining certified engineer designed walls, posts, and footers.
    Our foam walls, while very pleasing to the eye, are also extremely durable. Regardless of your location, we employ the same engineered Wind Load Design required for waterfront residential and commercial foam privacy walls on the coasts of Florida.
    Our engineered Wind Load Design is in conformance with Florida Building Code Wind Pressure Requirements based upon 150MPH (3 second gust). We can provide either concrete or foam walls but here is our take on the differences.
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Residential Foam Privacy Walls

Foam privacy walls are one of the most popular available options when it comes to residential construction. Often combined with stucco, these walls are not only surprisingly durable, they can also be designed to replicate the look of stone, adobe, and other materials. Having walls of high quality can also significantly enhance your property values.

Here at Florida’s Foam Walls, we offer a variety of different options when it comes to designing perimeter walls for your residence. You can choose something that perfectly matches the rest of your house. We’ll then start building the foam privacy walls that you want.

Nor are our services limited to the creation of foam walls. We can also perform tile installation that can even complement the existing system of walls. You can learn more about what we can do for your home by contacting us at our business in Tampa, FL.

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Entry Monuments and Hardscapes

Stoneworks Wall Systems, Inc, the parent company of Florida's Foam Walls provides hardscape and entry monuments for community entrances.

We provide complete turnkey service for entry signs and monuments including:
  • Concrete Footers
  • Concrete Block
  • Stucco
  • Brick
  • Tile
  • Precast Stone
  • Architectural Foam

Senergy Stucco Resurfacing Systems

Even the best concrete block mason can't stop the forces of nature! How many times have you seen this damage?

Cracks occur when rain, hot and cold weather expansion and contraction plus tree roots invade! Something has to give and the block wall will lose every time.

We have the answer! Senergy Stucco Resurfacing Systems will make your old wall like new. Senergy Stucco Resurfacing Systems-The smartest approach yet to stucco repair.


  1. From an aesthetic standpoint, both concrete and foam walls can provide attractive architectural trim elements to enhance eye appeal, including wall and column caps, brick, stone, tile, and architectural foam.
  2. Generally concrete block walls cost 10-20% more than foam walls.
  3. Concrete walls are stronger, however, Florida Foam Walls are engineered to withstand a hurricane in excess of 130 MPH.
  4. Concrete foundations are continuous and intrusive whereas Florida Foam Wall post footers are generally placed every six feet. Near coastal areas some zoning boards frown upon continuous concrete footers as they can dam up water during flood conditions.
  5. Concrete foundations often settle resulting in stucco cracks whereas Florida Foam Walls install control joints at each post to prevent cracking.

Florida's Foam Walls are not only surprisingly durable, they can also be enhanced with stone, brick, tile, precast stone, entry monuments, and architectural foam. We also install aluminum and wrought iron driveway and pedestrian gates including electric motorized gates and security entry telephone key pad systems.
Here at Florida’s Foam Walls, we offer a variety of options when it comes to designing perimeter walls for your project. You can choose trim elements that perfectly matches the rest of your house.

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